about me


Design and creativity have always been my passion and I'm constantly finding new areas of interest to learn from.

I worked +20 years in different Digital Studies and Agencies before I devoted to Surface Design.

Being a designer in the web-based world has taught me about being proactive and creative on demand, being detail oriented and able to meet all deadlines on schedule.

Focusing on surface design, I fell in love, dug deeper in this matter, did a lot of courses, bought books, picked up new techniques, met experts and developed a penchant for "knowing it all".

My work is mostly created digitally. Having an expert knowledge of Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop® ensures my art is easy for manufacturers to work with and adapt to product.

I balance art with technique to be the nexus in the creation of original products that bring joy and beauty to our daily life. 

Passionate about Chinese culture, I have been studying the chinese language since 2009.  

I Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my husband, two sons and the family dog.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for licensing, collaborations or bespoke designs.

Thanks for stopping by!